Luncheon Topic:
4 Steps to a Healthy, Happy Body!
In this talk, we will be touching on:
  1. Why is having a vision important?
  2. What is realistic game plan?
  3. How important is consistency?
  4. When do you adapt to improve?


Featured Speaker:
Alicia Cost
Alicia is a registered, licensed dietitian with over 30 years of experience helping individuals, groups and communities find their path in wellness. Alicia’s private practice is Cost Effective RD. Here she uses her Comprehensive Care Plan to promote nutrition, intuitive eating and habit making that help her clients find their “real deal” body for a lifetime. Clients who work with Alicia share that they feel she seeks to understand them on a personal level and their way of thinking, which helps get to the root of the real issues with their body image and weight unhappiness. Together, they work to create healthy plans that adapt habits and address current ones instead of covering them up.  Alicia uses a streamlined, tech-savvy platform to communicate with her clients and improve their personal accountability. Her practice offers secured telehealth video, telephone or in-person sessions with in between unlimited chatting and meal planning.
When: Friday, August 14th, 2020
Time: 11:30 am – 1:30 pm
Cost: $20 plus processing fee (already calculated in the link).
One MUST purchase a ticket in order to attend as seating is very limited.
Ticket is Non-Refundable. In the event you can’t attend, feel free to gift it to another or have them pay you back for the spot. Please update Anna with any name changes as a result.
1475 US 1
Vero Beach, Florida 32960